Friday, January 30, 2009

My Superbowl Picks

I dreamed last night that I was watching the superbowl on t.v., only it wasn't at a big 90,000-seat stadium but a tiny high school athletic field in the middle of the night and half the lights didn't work. But there were still millions of people watching on t.v.and it was between the cardinals and ... the redskins. (my home team.)

I dreamed the redskins had just gotten a touchdown and they were going for the extra point ... only in dreamville, instead of kicking for the extra point you just got two fat girls, one in a cardinals outfit and one in a redskins outfit, to line up at the 2 and repeatedly slam into each other. the redskins girl was way fatter so she slammed the cardinals girl out of the way for the extra point. (yes, I know that sounds like a two-point conversion but in my dream it was one point. according to dream-state, one-on-one fat girl rules.)

I didn't drink myself to sleep last night like I usually do, maybe that's the problem.

anyway, I think the steelers will win by 10.

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